Waldorf T-Shirt Design Contest

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Welcome to our T-Shirt Contest! Waldorf Music is looking for a new T-shirt design and we're looking forward to seeing your ideas.

Send us your design! With a bit of luck, you're the winner and your design will be printed.

You have the chance to win these great prizes:


1st place: One Waldorf STVC synthesizer


2nd place: One Waldorf Blofeld Desktop or pulse2 synthesizer to be chosen by the winner


3rd place: One Waldorf software synthesizer plugin to be chosen by the winner


Every price includes one T-shirt with the winner design. The winner will be elected via Facebook. The three designs with the most likes win!

Send us your design using the inquiry form in the upper right corner. Closing date for the competition is Dec 31, 2020. The winner will be elected in Jan 2021.

You can download our logo as a vector file on this page here. Please follow the guidelines in the FAQ section below.

The whole team from Waldorf Music is looking forward to seeing your ideas and wishes you good luck :)


Terms and conditions:

By contacting us, you agree t the terms and conditions of this competition and you allow us to save your data according to our GDPR; furthermore, you confirm that you are the sole author of the submitted content and that if you win, you grant Waldorf Music the exclusive rights to use these contents free of charge.

Deadline for entries is Dec 31st 2020. Waldorf Music will pick a selection of the entries and will post these on its company site on Facebook. The three designs which get the most likes on Facebook will be rewarded with the prizes mentioned above. Cash disembursement of the prizes is not possible, recourse to the courts is not permitted.


Please contact us via the link in the upper right corner. By contacting us, you agree to our GDPR and you declare that you are the creator of the file that you attached or linked and allow Waldorf Music to use the content.

Bitte kontaktiere uns bitte über das Formular rechts oben. Indem du uns kontaktierst, stimmst du den Teilnahmebedingungen für dieses Gewinnspiel zu und dass wir deine Daten gemäß unserer Datenschutzerklärung speichern dürfen; ferner bestätigst du, dass du der Urheber der eingesendeten bzw. verlinkten Datei bist und Waldorf Music die Rechte zur Nutzung daran einräumst.