The paint coating of the front plate is sticky and/or decayed, is there a way to fix that?

Created on: 2/20/20 – Last changed on: 3/11/20

Get a bottle of hair shampoo that contains silicon oil. Get a qualified service technician to disassemble the device for you until you have the front plate or the chassis separated from all other components.

Use a soft sponge or cloth, water and a bit of shampoo. Gently wash and rub the front plate with the shampoo. This will remove the Nextel coating and the dirt. The "soft touch" feeling of the Nextel paint will be gone, but the surface won't be sticky anymore and the paint underneath plus the labelling will remain intact. Do not use any other cleaning agents or detergents after this process.

If you want to try to repaint the front plate yourself, the fonts used for the labels on the Microwave XT are from the Futura family.

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