How can I import and export patches?

Created on: 11/18/19 – Last changed on: 6/2/21

Import: Copy the patches onto an SD card. Copy the patches in a way that all patches from one bank are within one folder on the card.
If you have bought a sound set, copy the entire directory with the sounds to the card. If there is a subfolder with samples, copy the entire directory so that the file structure is kept. 

On your device, press Load>Actions>Import. Navigate to the card and mark the folder which contains the patches you want to import. Now the device asks where these files should be saved. Enter the number of the first slot into which the files should be imported. Press Import. The device now automatically imports all patches from the selected folder.
If OS 2.0 or higher is installed, the samples from the sub folder will be imported automatically as well and you can also use an USB stick instead of the card.

When you import an entire folder, all patches will be inserted into the slots in alphabetic order. Gaps between patches will be omitted and everything will be imported in one block.

Export: Please go to Load>Actions>Export. Here, you can select and export your patches.

From Version 2.0 and later, samples that belong to a patch will be exported automatically with the patch.

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